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how to remove /Temp/g0dllp.exe

November 24, 2010 Leave a comment

When you see this when booting up your windows :

“Could not load or run ‘C:/DOCUME~1/Owner/LOCAL~1/Temp/g0dllp.exe’ specified in the registry. Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry.”

Sorry to say that your windows is infected by trojan horse.

The extremely powerful combofix can get rid of this once and for all.

Note:  only for those with technical knowledge.



Codec for Windows 7

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is the latest release of Codec for Windows 7 by Shark007.

Download version 2.6.4 here

Instructions by the developer.

Have a good day.

GodMode in Windows 7

November 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, GodMode only works in Windows 7. (Vista x86 & Win Server 08 32bit might work sometimes).

In short, it is a feature that put all control panel (about 270 settings) into 1 folder.

Damn…this is so good.

And here is how to create it.

Only 1 step :

1. Create a new folder in your desktop & rename your new folder with the following :


I hope you like it 😉

Ta ~

Windows 7: Problem Steps Recorder

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Basically, this is the much needed feature in Windows 7 for those who looking for technical assistant.

Next time, try to record  all the problems you are experiencing & email the zip file to your technical support or customer support representatives. They will appreciate your effort 😉

OK, here is how and there is only 1 step :

1. Start > Run > psr

PSR will create a zip that contain the .mht file. Send the zip file to the technician & they know what to do with it.

Hope this helps.